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>Betty Shelley

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Betty Shelley

Betty Shelley

Betty Shelley and her husband, Jon, have put out just one 32-gallon can of garbage per year since 2006. She finds waste reduction to be a creative, empowering way to reduce her impact on the planet’s climate and resources. She is the founder of Reduce Your Waste Project which offers “Less is More: Getting to One Can of Garbage a Year” classes on reducing resource waste in the Portland area (reduceyourwasteproject.com). Betty and Jon were featured in The Oregonian in 2013 and in numerous other publications. Betty is also a Master Recycler and a former Recycling Information Specialist for Metro Regional Government in Portland, Oregon. For Metro, she was often featured on AM/Northwest, addressing Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. She has also been interviewed for the Portland Sustainability Podcast and The Portland Cool Podcast. A member of Northwest Earth Institute since 1994, Betty was honored with the NW Earth Institute Founders Award in 2013, recognizing her vast contributions to both Northwest Earth Institute and sustainability education and practice more broadly.

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